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Wedding Planning Advice From Start to Finish

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Five Decor Ideas for a Stunning Lakeside Wedding Ceremony

Decorating for a lakeside wedding can be both an exciting and challenging experience. With so many decoration options available, narrowing down your choices and staying on budget can be tricky. Consider these five decor ideas that will help elevate your lakeside wedding ceremony and create a stunning backdrop for your momentous day.

1. Soft Flower Arrangements
Flowers add an elegant touch to every wedding ceremony, and they perfectly complement the natural surroundings of a lakeside wedding. Consider using soft, whimsical flowers like peonies, roses, or hydrangeas in pastel shades like pink, white, or lilac. Consider using flower petals to line the walkway to the altar for your aisle. Use flowers on the table centerpieces to give the reception area a romantic atmosphere.

2. Rustic Arch
A beautiful arch can serve as the centerpiece of the ceremony. Opt for a rustic design, like wooden poles and draping vines of greenery or flowers on each side. The rustic design will blend perfectly with the lake surroundings, and it will look romantic when adorned with billowy white or pastel-colored streamers.

3. Woven Aisle Runner
A creative and original take on the traditional white runner, a woven aisle runner is perfect for a lakeside wedding. Select woven material-like rugs, possibly with a bohemian pattern, to add pops of color matching your wedding theme and style. The right runner will elevate the look while making a comfortable walk down the aisle for the bride and groom.

4. Lanterns and Tea Lights
Bring the natural surroundings and ambiance to your ceremony using a range of lanterns and tea lights, both moderately priced. Battery-operated candles stand up to windy and harsh weather. Set candles between the aisle chairs, the reception tables, and the ceremony site to create a romantic, dreamy atmosphere. Paper lanterns can also add a pop of color.

5. Unique Seating Arrangements
You don't have to go for the traditional seating layout; mix it up with a creative seating arrangement. Consider setting up a U-shape setup for an intimate feel, circle seating for a more relaxed setup, or a cozy living room arrangement with couches and chairs.

Your wedding is a very special and intimate day, and the ceremony should be beautiful and unforgettable. Incorporating these decor ideas at your lakeside wedding will make your ceremony stand out and be memorable for years. So have fun with these decoration ideas, and make your wedding day as magical as the lake you've chosen to be married beside.

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