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Wedding Planning Advice From Start to Finish

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Things That You'll Want To Include In An Apiary Wedding

There are many reasons that you may wish to choose a wedding venue that doubles as a working apiary. Many such locations exist, which can give you a unique place to celebrate your nuptials. When you visit the apiary in advance of booking it for your wedding, you'll be excited about taking in the scene and thinking about how you'll plan your big day. The unique environment means that you can choose a number of fun features that tie into the setting. Here are some things that you'll want to include when you book your wedding at an apiary venue.

Apiary Tour

One thing that an apiary wedding venue can provide your guests is an educational tour. Such tours might not be overly common during weddings, but it's nice to have this option available for those in attendance. Weddings often have periods of downtime between the ceremony and reception, and it's ideal if you can organize something of interest for your guests during this time. Those who are interested will be able to meet up with an apiary employee and take a tour to learn more about the operation — perhaps while the wedding party and immediate family pose for photos.

Honey On The Menu

When it comes to choosing the menu for your apiary wedding, you'll definitely want to include honey in some manner. If the apiary uses an on-site caterer, there's a good chance that it can offer a variety of honey-based dish options. For example, there might be a chance to get your wedding cake iced with honey icing, or maybe the honey will be an ingredient in the salad dressing that you serve to your guests. There's little doubt that your guests will be excited to sample the honey that the apiary's bees produced.

Bee Themes

You may also wish to entertain the idea of a bee theme for your wedding. If you're someone who loves these flying insects — which may be the case if you're choosing an apiary venue for your wedding — there are a number of fun ways to include bees in your day. For example, you might mention bees in your wedding invitations with a slogan such as "We Hope You'll BEE There." Or, you might even situate beeswax candles at each of the tables at your reception. For children in attendance, you might consider bee-themed coloring sheets that will help to keep them occupied.