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Wedding Planning Advice From Start to Finish

Weddings are a joyous occasion and it's important that everything comes together on the big day. If you need to plan your wedding and you don't know where to begin, you'll discover a bounty of information on this blog. We aren't wedding planners, we just think marriage is special and we want to help make everyone's wedding day as fabulous as possible. As you read this blog, you'll learn all the steps for planning your wedding, starting with day one. You'll find out what you need to do first and what can wait until later. You'll also uncover helpful tips and advice on everything from choosing a venue, picking out flowers and making your guest list. We hope this blog helps you successfully plan your glorious wedding.


The Top Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Rooftop Wedding Venue

Are you searching for a rooftop wedding venue? Take a look at the top questions to ask during your venue visit tour.

How Will the Guests Get to the Rooftop?

This type of venue isn't a walk-right-in event hall. Your guests may only need to walk up a few flights of stairs, or they could have to make their way to the twentieth floor. Before you book a rooftop venue, ask about the ground-level to top-floor transportation options and consider the following:

The number of guests. If you have a large wedding party, one elevator may leave you waiting for everyone to arrive on the roof. Verify the number of available elevators and the occupancy limits of each with the venue's staff.

Physical disabilities or other movement issues. Some types of disabilities or injuries (as well as age-related concerns) may make it difficult for your guests to walk up several flights of stairs. Make sure there's an elevator available to transport your family and friends.

Private options. Is there a private elevator for you and your soon-to-be spouse to take you to the top floor?

Along with these issues, discuss the hours of operation for elevators (if the venue has elevators and not stairways). If the elevators only operate on a specific schedule or require a staff member to use, you'll need to plan the reception around these hours.

What Happens If It Rains or It's Cold?

An outdoor rooftop wedding venue is the perfect place to hold a late-summer or early-fall reception—unless it rains or the mercury dips. While a sprinkle isn't likely to ruin your big day, a thunderstorm, hail, or high winds could. If you have weather-related concerns, ask the venue's staff the following questions:

Do you provide a tent? A tent will protect your guests and allow you to continue the outdoor wedding—rain or shine.

How large is the tent? If the venue does offer a tent option, you need to know if it will cover all your guests. Ask about occupancy limits and realistic guest numbers.

Do you provide outdoor heaters? Rain isn't the only weather-related issue that can interfere with your wedding reception. If the temperature drops, your guests may need more than a suit jacket or shawl to stay warm.

Discuss alternative options if the weather stops the outdoor event. If the venue doesn't have a tent, heaters, or other acceptable alternative, ask if they have an indoor space you can use.