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4 Tips For Decorating Your Tables At Your Barn Wedding

If you are having a sit-down dinner at your wedding, the tables are going to take up a lot of the space within your barn wedding reception venue. The tables and the dance area will take up most of the space inside of the barn. When it comes to decorating your tables, here are some tips to help you with layout and decorations.

Tip #1: Balance Out the Spacing

First, when it comes to the tables at your wedding, think about how you space the tables around the venue. The way that you space the tables can really impact the feeling of the space. Long tables, for example, can make a small space feel bigger, whereas round or square tables can make a big space feel a little more intimate.

You can also make a u-shape with the tables used for serving the food, for example, to help define the space and break-up the layout of the room.

Tip #2: Add Height to the Tables with Décor

Second, add some height to the table with the décor that you put on the table. For example, you can put vases with flowers on the tables.

Or you can put candle holders with candles on the table. Adding a little height to the tables will help define the space and add to the overall ambiance of the space.

Tip #3: Use Runners to Add Color & Texture

Third, use runners on the tables to add color and texture. Put down a base tablecloth, such as a white tablecloth, and then add runners to the tablecloth in the colors of your wedding.

This is a great way to incorporate your wedding colors into the décor, as your tables take up a lot of space and are a big space for you to decorate.

Tip #4: Use the Setting to Decorate With

Finally, use place settings at your tables. These are another way to add color and depth to your tables. Your place settings could be in a wedding color you didn't use for the runners.

Although the place settings will be picked up when dinner is over, the place settings will help set the mood and define the feel of the tables as everyone enters the barn and finds their tables for the meal portion of the evening. 

Your place settings can be made from fabric or plastic. You can even create and print out paper plate settings as well. 

Be sure to have a plan for decorating your tables. Balance out the tables around the room to get the right spacing. Use a runner to add color, choose table settings that will add more depth, and add height to the tables. Decorating your tables will help transform the barn into a wedding venue that feels really special. 

For more tips on decorating tables at your barn wedding, reach out to a local wedding venue.