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Wedding Planning Advice From Start to Finish

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Who Should Go With You To The Bridal Boutique? 3 Scenarios

For most brides, the trip to the bridal boutique is a "must do" part of wedding preparations. Finding the perfect dress and seeing yourself as a bride for the first time is a rite of passage that few would miss. But who should you choose to accompany you to the bridal shop? Here are three scenarios to fit any bride's personality and how to achieve them.

1. The Romantic Bride

Some brides want their wedding dress try-on to be romantic and personal, and they would rather not share it with the world. For these brides, the moment should be protected, and so you might limit your shopping trip to only the essential people — perhaps your mother or father, a best friend, or your sister. Make this a full day's themed activity, starting with brunch or lunch and perhaps including a treat like a spa trip. 

Don't feel obliged to invite your entire bridal party or circle of friends. If you feel guilty about leaving them out, plan a different wedding ritual — such as bridesmaid dress shopping or cake sampling — to include them in on a different date. 

2. The Party Bride

For some brides, the wedding dress shopping trip is something to be shared with all the people in their closest circle. There is no size limit on how many people you should share your dress hunting with. 

If you want to invite a big group of people, contact your bridal boutique first. The store usually has a limit on how many people they can care for in a group, but they may also be able to make special arrangements with warning. Start the party early by renting a party bus to collect everyone and take them to the shop. 

If you do opt for a big group, ensure that you avoid anyone who is likely to cause conflict or who might take away the spotlight from yourself. This is your day, after all, and you don't want anyone who won't add to its joy. 

3. The Shy Bride

Not all brides are comfortable with wedding dress selection. If the idea of trying on dresses or having to choose makes you uncomfortable, choose your helpers wisely. You might select a trio of close friends or family with the goal of making this more comfortable for you. Look for specific traits that will be helpful — someone who knows your style, someone who is able to tactfully speak their mind, or someone with whom you share a special bond. 

If you choose the right group of people to help you pick out your wedding dress, you're sure to have the best day ever and find the dress that will make you feel like the most special bride to ever walk down the aisle. Visit a bridal gown boutique to see what's available.