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5 Fun Places To Hold Your Sweet 16 Party

Turning 16 is an important milestone for many young people. A teenager's sweet 16 birthday is supposed to be a special one that he or she spends with their friends. If your child has a sweet 16 birthday party coming up, make sure you celebrate their birthday with a fun celebration. Where you hold the party should reflect your child's interests.

Place #1: Movie Theater

If your child is a movie buff and loves a good movie, consider renting out a theater for your child's birthday. This will allow your child to have a big group of people celebrate their birthday with them, while at the same time containing the party to a movie theater.

Place #2: Art Studio

If your child really likes art, rent out a space where they teach you how to create an art piece. You can see if the venue will allow you to choose the art piece that everyone creates. These events are fun and will generally either serve food or allow you to bring in food to serve. A create-a-painting birthday at an art studio ensures that everyone will leave the party with something that is memorable.

Place #3: Hotel Banquet Room

If you want to throw your child more of a traditional sweet 16, with food, a DJ, and dancing, consider renting out a hotel banquet room or a hotel ballroom. They will have all the space you need for a large party. Most hotels also offering catering services, so you can take care of the food for the party while renting the venue. The hotel may even offer you other party rental supplies or have relationships with vendors who will offer you a fair price.

Place #4: Campground

If your child is more of an outdoor type, consider taking them and their closest friends out for a camping trip to a nearby campground. Getting to make food outdoors and spending the night in tents can be a great bonding experience and will defiantly result in the creation of some unique party memories. Just make sure you can get some other parents to chaperone the event with you.

Place #5: Bowling Alley

The joy of watching a friend throw a gutter ball is just some pure classic fun. You can rent out the entertainment room of a bowling alley, allowing you to have cake, food, and fun all in one location.

When it comes to choosing a party venue for your child's sweet 16 birthday party, choose a venue and event that matches your child's personality and interests. You want their birthday party to be something they remember for a long time.  

Contact an event planning service for additional help deciding on a sweet 16 party venue.