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Wedding Planning Advice From Start to Finish

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Working With A Wedding Planner During The Pandemic? How To Save Your Big Day From Corona-Catastrophe

Unfortunately, among the many delays, cancellations and disappointments of this disastrous COVID-19 outbreak are a great number of well-planned and eagerly anticipated weddings. While it's important to appreciate your health at this time, along with looking out for loved ones, if your heart was set on an upcoming wedding and it's now postponed due to the virus, your distress may be overwhelming. Fear not, though, for all is not lost. Your big day can still be just as magical as you've dreamed about, only with a few minor adjustments here and there.

Have Patience and Adhere to CDC Recommendations 

The CDC, or Centers for Disease Control, is the authority during any health crisis, and you need to heed their advice, even if you're anxious to tie the knot. You'd be wise to tack time on the end of their national quarantine recommendations to allow for economic rebounding, everyone catching up on appointments and just being sure that, at that time, the coast is actually clear to continue with normal life. Know that, eventually, this will pass.

Cry to Your Wedding Planner

Though they're going to be busy about now and well into the foreseeable future, your wedding planner will understand your heartache. Work closely with them to find another date and retain as many of the existing arrangements as possible.

Take the Extra Time to Review Everything

As you wait, you can reassure yourself that, whenever you're able to exchange your "I do's" with your significant other, you've seen to every last possible detail. Go over your lists (again), making sure that your plans can continue, despite the delays. Some things may change on their own, due to the circumstances, and others may need to be changed by you (and your planner) intentionally, but since you've got the time, why not use it to meticulously see that everything will be perfect?

  • Double-check your legal matters and plan ahead for tax time (with your new status).
  • Go over the music (including what songs your guests may or may not request, such as prohibiting lyrics that are vulgar) with your band or DJ.
  • Email a list of poses and guests you want included in your wedding pictures to your photographer.
  • Inspect the floral arrangements, including whether or not the flowers you fancy will be available with the postponement. 
  • Re-do and re-send your invitations, if necessary and if you're able to state a definitive rescheduling date.
  • Find out how COVID-19 may (or may not — fingers crossed!) affect your honeymoon plans.
  • Consider how the new date hints at the need for cooler or warmer clothing, as well as how potential heat could impact your guests, especially older ones.

If you don't already meditate, this might be a good time to start. Use these serene and special moments to relax your weary mind, not just about the wedding, but the anxieties that come with a global pandemic, too.

Check In on Your Guest List, to See That They're All Okay During the Outbreak

The people you've invited to your wedding are important to you; however, contacting all of them may be quite a chore. Create an email list and send a quick note, inquiring as to how they're all faring during this tense and often terrifying time, along with updating them on your nuptials. 

Keep Yourself and Your Soon-to-Be (But Not Soon Enough!) Spouse Healthy

Stress taxes the immune system, and these days you certainly have much to be stressed about. As you juggle all the rescheduling and try to make sense of the devastation caused by the outbreak, be sure you and those you care about are getting plenty of Vitamin C, rest and whatever else is needed to stave off the sickness. These are trying times for everyone, but even more so for someone planning for (one of) the biggest days of their lives.

Of all the things that could spoil your nuptials, you probably never thought a global pandemic would be one of them. As difficult and potentially depressing as it is to have your wedding postponed by a demon approximately 20 nanometers in size, you'll get through! Rely on your fiancé, your friends and family and your wedding planner, for all the support you need, along with making certain that when the big day arrives, everything will go off without a hitch, other than the one between you and your spouse.